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St Carthage Church, Killina

St Colman's Church, Mucklagh

St Patrick's Church, The Island

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3rd Sunday of Lent 8th March 2015.

Jesus is overcome with fierce love and passion in today’s Gospel because of the injustice he sees before him. The
goods sold in the Temple markets were used in sacrifices so that people could meet the requirements to be ‘closer’ to
God. This model needed challenging. They have turned what should be a place where what is important is monetary
value. What temples have we turned into market places today? Our world is driven by consumerism and profit at the
expense of the resources of the world’s poorest people. The Book of Creation is now speaking to us to stop making this
house a market place. Climate change is having adverse effects on our weather systems here in Ireland and in the
poorest regions of the world. Let us pray this Sunday that
‘zeal for Your house will consume’ us, that we will take the
necessary steps to ensure a more sustainable world for all.

Reflection on Sunday Gospel Readings - by Don Fabio Rosini, broadcast on Vatican Radio. Translated by Kieran Troy, Newtown, Rahan

Catholic Ireland Website


Lynally Mass and Gathering Oct. 2014

Since 2007 a small number of parishioner, mainly from Lynally gathers for Mass or Rosary at the ruins of the old monastic church in and around the end of Sept. (Sept 26th is thought to be the Feastday of St Colman). Bad weather often kept people away but this year we were blessed with one of the loveliest evenings. It was sheer mystical and the setting sun shone across the 40/50 people who turned up to honour those who were buried in this cemetery. Those present were in no hurry to go home but lingered and chatted to one another for a long time after Mass. Once again thanks to Mattie Mooney and the Mooney Family for facilitating us each year for this event. But it is disappointing that the Council is no longer cutting the grass in this graveyard and if OPW does not act soon the walls of the old Monastery will come toppling down with the weight of ivy. And what a shame that would be. Can anyone champion the cause of LYNALLY. Please.

Dates to Remember

Confirmation for our Class 6s in both Schools - Sunday 19th April, 2015 at 1pm.
First Holy Communion Killina –Saturday May 9, 2015. First Holy Communion Mucklagh – Saturday May 16, 2015.

Why not take a short trip around the Old Monastic Churches at Rahan with Darrell Hooper and Sr Oliver by clicking on the following link


Useful Services available to keep in mind:
Aware see aware.ie or telephone 1890 303 302.Heads Up see headsup.ie free text 50424, Let Someone Know see letsomeoneknow.ie, Teen Ireland see teenline.ie, Samaritans see Samaritans.org or 1850 60 90 90, Living Links see livinglinks.ie or 087 4122052.

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